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A calibration gas is defined by homogeneous mixtures of gases with stated composition and certified concentration of each component with guaranteed uncertainty (certified accuracy) associated with the components over a certain period of time. Calibration gases are produced from pure raw materials, with known contents of impurities.

Preparation Tolerance (PT) and Uncertainties.

Preparation Tolerance indicates how close to the ordered concentration we can guarantee the produced concentration. PT varies with concentration level of particular components. Ref. Quality class.

Uncertainties or Certified Accuracy (CA) is our guarantee of maximum deviation from certified values in the actual value.

The example below illustrated the PT and CA.


This is the time period for which the concentration of the components does not change and remain stable within certification accuracy irrespective of cylinder pressure and temperature. The certificate contains information on minimum pressure and temperature range needed for use of the mixture before the concentration may deviate from certified accuracy.


In order to supply calibration gas mixtures in accordance with specifications agreed upon with our customers, UPG has an efficient quality assurance system. All stages of production process, from receipt of order to dispatch, are subjected to strict quality assurance requirements.

The quality system ensures traceability of the production data by recording all relevant data linked to production process. In addition, it is necessary to ensure traceability of measurement results in such a way that the accuracy of the measurements can be ascertained. This traceability can be achieved in two ways.

1. Linking the traceability chain to international / national standard for mass(NABL).
UPG follows both link for traceability.