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Weather it is for medical use or industrial use, Ultra-pure gases provides oxygen gas with liquid cylinder, gas cylinders, storage tanks, vaporizers etc… so the facility is always prepared.

Oxygen liquefies at -183o C.


Hospitals may have large consumption levels of oxygen so bulk liquid is very cost effective and convenient supply option. It requires minimal maintenance and easy access to use.

Most living things need oxygen to survive and oxygen’s importance in the field of healthcare cannot be underestimated. Oxygen is widely used in every healthcare setting, with applications from resuscitation to inhalation therapy.

We have been doing our best to respond to the needs of the medical community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Medical oxygen is used to:


Oxygen has numerous uses in steel making and other metals refining and fabrication processes, in chemicals, pharmaceuticals, petroleum processing, glass and ceramic manufacturing and pulp & paper manufacture. It is also used for environmental protection in municipal and industrial effluent treatment plant and facilities.

Oxygen is used in diverse applications covering many industries, including: